5 Ways Your Skincare Routine Can Boost Your Mental Health

5 Ways Your Skincare Routine Can Boost Your Mental Health
Have you ever heard the expression, 'look good, feel good?' There can be some truth to that. A daily cleanser, night mask, or even a little tinted moisturizer can save the look of your skin and have important effects on your emotional well-being. What you need right now, with all the craziness happening around the world, is a self-care plan.
The link between the brain and the skin is complex and fascinating; it can really reflect how you feel inside, use this connection to your advantage! When your skin looks and feels good, you feel better about yourself.
So, here are five powerful ways your skincare routine can boost your mental health.
1. A skincare routine provides stability in your day that benefits your mental health.
Routines, especially morning ones, are fundamental for your general health, both physical and mental. They provide structure and stability. Whether it's a skincare routine or a work routine. Routines feel good and act as a comforting structure in your life, providing an anchor for your day and providing a point of stability in your week. On a small scale, once you establish a consistent skincare routine, you can even feel that you have achieved something at the start of your day – and you have!
2. Focusing on doing something good for yourself helps stop a worry spiral.
You may find that certain times of the day can trigger bad thoughts, but you can break negative thoughts with self-care! When you're involved in an activity, including washing, toning, and/or treating yourself to a jelly mask, you can get out of your head and focus on what you're doing. This also applies to any activity that keeps you busy, like working on a new project, preparing food, or walking your dog.
The act of caring for your skin also provides an opportunity for mindfulness. Mindfulness is when you focus on the sensations you are experiencing in the present moment without judgment (the soothing sensation of warm water, for example or the cooling sensation in your jelly mask). This practice has been shown to dampen depression and anxiety by stopping worry and rumination.
3. Regular skin-pampering triggers a cascade of chemicals in your brain to improve your mood.
Create a routine that feels good and includes products you enjoy using. For example, don't underestimate the impact of gently massaging your skin with a warm washcloth to cleanse, taking extra time to smooth a silky moisturizer on your face, or applying your simply jellin face mask.
You can turn it into something you genuinely look forward to. The experience of treatment or facial at home is comforting, but you also get a lot of satisfaction from just planning it. It's a natural high for something so simple.
This is one of the reasons baths are inherently calming. First, expect to feel relaxed as the water runs through your body, and second, warm water naturally relaxes your muscles.
4. Skincare provides an opportunity to bond with loved ones, and that's a boon to mental health.
Get your partner to join you with your mask routine. In general, spending this focused time with loved ones in pursuit of enjoyable hobbies and activities is linked to higher happiness levels.
You can also make this a fun experience for everyone. If you can’t readily buy a box of new products, focus on the ones you already have at home and love. Or, you can search your pantry for a few skin-friendly ingredients for a homemade face mask, like coconut oil, mashed avocado, or a milk compress, and turn this into a fun, bonding event.
5. Taking care of your skin is an act of kindness that conveys a powerful message
Right now, the world is a stressful place. So, it can be tempting to watch TV late into the night and then crawl into bed without even splashing water on your face; because you're just too tired.
But what if you instead focused on taking care of yourself in this little way? By spending an extra five minutes treating your skin, you're sending a message: "I'm worth it." This is similar to the benefit you can get from applying makeup in the morning.
In conclusion
We cannot always avoid stressful situations. However, following a gentle and consistent skincare routine will help keep your skin balanced when everything else is a little out of whack.
Remember to pay attention to the signs to understand when it is time to calm your nerves and see all the potential of your inner and outer beauty.
You're so loved! xo

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