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Clean Slate Milk Jelly Mask

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CLEAN SLATE: barrier repair + pore refining

Spiked with Niacinamide + Volcanic Ash this milk jelly mask is truly an eruption of nutrient dense extracts proven to fight acne, balance oil and refine pores without drying out your skin. Clean Slate Milk Jelly mask is a transformative blend of marine extracts and natural actives that purifying, detoxify, gently exfoliate while replenishing moisture, unveiling a smooth, clear complexion. Through the science of osmotic pressure, the supercharged ingredients are pushed further into your skin than other face masks you've used!

Natural Color + Fragrance:
Eggplant and Purple Cabbage create the striking purple color and is naturally fragranced with peaches and pears.
Best Suited For:
Perfect for oily or acne prone skin types.

How It Works:
Only the coolest freakin' mask you've ever experienced! Through the science of osmotic pressure, our milk jelly mask concentrates dry within 5 minutes! It creates a gentle vacuum seal over the skin, the most important difference from other masks out there. This suction pushes those pure ingredients deeper into your pores more than a traditional face mask or sheet mask can, increasing the absorption and impact on your skin!

How To Use:
You'll Slide it, Squeeze It, Mix it & Mask It!
Connect all the edges in a thick layer for a seamless plop off after 10-30 minutes!


What's the clear plastic thing inside the packaging box?!

Surprise! We include a reusable plastic tube slider with each sugarcane tube that contains 3 multi use applications. Our slider helps ensure you get every last drop. Upcycle it after on any tube products at home!

How do these compare to the powder + water jelly masks or modelling masks out there?

Our Milk Jelly Mask Concentrates are spiked with approximately 220% - 370% more ingredients without a drop of water needed. Hot damn! That's some superior value + impact!

Is it only for the face?

Actually, you can coat this goo all over the external body! It works incredibly post waxing on even the most delicate of areas

Is this safe for kids?

Yes, it is, and so fun for them! But with anything involving the kiddos, there needs to be adult supervision the entire time. Remove immediately if any irritation starts to occur.

What is the base of the milk jelly masks?

Diacomaceous Earth + Algin Base. DE Offers gentle exfoliation, removing dead skin cells for a smoother complexion, While Algin absorbs water 20 times its weight and creates a gel-like consistency!


Eligible for our 'Rewarded to Recycle' program!