From The CEOs: Production Update + Our New Web!!

From The CEOs: Production Update + Our New Web!!
Hello beautiful humans + friends!
There is so many moving parts to sourcing our products and launching the brand!
We have SO much to update you on. Let us just say, we love this friendship we have together. Doesn’t this feel like the 2000’s and having {email} pen pals you could keep in touch with? That’s what you are to us. Our friend that we know cares about us, and we get to keep you up to date on the many different elements to this cool and wild ride.

As you can see, our brand new website is LIVE!
Jessi was hard at work making the visual design aesthetic and flow as flawless as always while I, (Cara), work on the copywriting and voice for the pages. Together J and I make such a fluid and compatible team! A huge project we are excited to have launched. Especially because now we are able to independently accept pre-orders through the website!
(If you know anyone interested, please send them our way!)
So, when they say growing a brand is a like a rollercoaster— we really keep learning what that means!
Here’s what we mean:
Manufacturing delays have caused a pause with the sugarcane tube manufacturer and we are still waiting in the queue for our turn at printing our 10,000 tubes.
(Then once the tubes are printed, they are shipped to our laboratory to have them filled with the mask formulations. Yes - many moving parts!)

We have been told that it will begin again in the next 4-6 weeks.

Yes, this initially felt so disappointing and like a blow to the gut and timeline. So that is the rollercoaster dip that can make us want to hurl sometimes..

Then we are on the up climb with an exciting pivot!

(you didn’t think that was the end of it did ya?!)

This manufacturing pause brought us an opportunity we would not have had time for otherwise. (It’s kind of crazy when you think about it.) You know that we have our eyes on the prize of having our products proudly displayed in Sephora. Since we are paused for 4-6 weeks before the final tubes are printed (the 10,000) we have decided to take advantage of the opportunity to invest in making our vision become a reality. We have partnered with an incredible Brand Creation Agency located in Australia, Date of Birth!
We are grateful for our skills and abilities to take the branding this far - and are humbled and excited to have some of the most talented experts in the game put the finishing touches to help polish our brand and make it globally recognizable and marketable.
Together we will make these changes and then send the final design to the tube factory to be printed when we are up and running again!

*As of now, this will delay arrival until approx. May 2022
Turning these lemons into lemonade!
You can expect to see some behind the scenes of new brand tweaks and improvements. We might even get your help with a suggestion or two.
Thanks for your support and patience with us while this brand grows and develops!
We are grateful you’re here.
In the words of Michelle Obama, “Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you. Let them make you even hungrier to succeed”
Sending our love,
Cara & Jessi

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