5 ways of prioritizing your mental health in 2022

5 ways of prioritizing your mental health in 2022

Your mental health is as important as your physical well-being, and should be given the same care and attention. Taking care of your mental health and wellness is all about understanding your own needs and adapting routines and habits to meet them.

Initially, this may seem difficult and even selfish, particularly if you aren't accustomed to having your wants and needs taken care of before attending to other loved ones. But since it's the cure to stress, worry, sadness, and exhaustion, it's worth the effort and attention.

Try the following six tips to help shift your mind frame for better self-care.

Ask for help

No person is an island. Meaning at times, you will not have all the means to get you out of a sticky situation. You might find yourself retreating when life gets difficult, a decision that may lead you into isolation.

Thoughts such as "how will my colleagues think of me" or "they might not help me" usually are the causes for isolation. During these times, bear in mind that you weren't meant to travel through hard times alone. Try and reach out for support from people you trust or loved ones who understand you. A mental health practitioner is also an option.


Putting the needs of others before your own is divine and supportive; at times, it is even charitable. At other times, the urge to prioritize others before you is automatic. However, to function at your best, you need to take proper care of yourself.

The first step of helping others is helping yourself first. Self-care gives you enough time to refresh your mind, rest, and regain your energy. Think of self-care as self-preservation and damage-prevention that you require for better functioning.

Form a circle of people you trust

A problem shared is a problem half solved. Communicating your feelings during anxious or stressful times is important for your mental health. Talking to people you can trust and turn to is key if you communicate your problems freely.

If you don't have a team of trusted friends, or even 1 or 2, it is time you formed them! Know who your true friends are and include them in your team. This circle of trusted friends is a great way of getting you through the hard and depressing times.


You don't have to spend lots of hours at the gym; the occasional walking in the park or hiking are also forms of exercise. These practices get your body moving and change your environment.

Most health practitioners suggest that a minimum of 30 minutes daily is enough to keep you in a positive mental health frame. Exercise is also known to reduce stress, clear your thoughts, improve sleep, and help forge better relationships. To find your preferred exercise routine, find one you like doing it and keep doing it.

Accept your reality

In prioritizing your mental health it is important to:

  • Be realistic and accept your reality.
  • Start from knowing what drags you down, face them and try to find possible solutions.
  • Don't wish for things to be okay; instead use what is readily available to you.

You can also face your stressors by writing them down in a journal. Start with the obvious ones as you dig into the more intricate ones. Once you have them on paper, face them and evaluate your situation. If it becomes hard, try sharing with other people, you never know what a pair of fresh eyes can pick out.


Don't be afraid of facing the inevitable stressful and hard times. Form a team, exercise, and always take care of yourself. And always remember, we're here for you! xo


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