Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! Through the science of osmotic pressure, our mask creates a comfortingly gentle vacuum seal over the skin, the most important difference from other masks out there. This suction to the skin which pushes the pure active ingredients deeper into your pores more than a traditional face mask or sheet mask can, increasing penetration from active ingredients and serums into the skin. Additionally, traditional sheet masks neglect the eyes and mouth - but our mask is safe and beneficial for all external areas of the skin

Our masks are proudly made in South Korea, the home of K-beauty. South Korea is known as the skincare capital of the world, being decades ahead in research and development and ingredient sourcing.

NOT AT ALL! There is so much hydration under the mask being pressed into the pores that the mask lifts off gently and easily!

For best results, enjoy your jelly mask for 20-60 minutes!